About Us

We're just a small team of tech savvy individuals who happen to share a very big common interest... "STOP PAYING THESE GREEDY CABLE & SATELLITE COMPANIES OUTRAGEOUS FEES FOR TV!!!" The next best thing in TV revolution is finally here and we bring it to you at the lowest price out there! We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service as well as a quality product anyone can afford. 

The TV box connects to the internet and uses apps to stream media. You can watch all the movies, tv shows and sports imaginable!  The TV box is “rooted” as well as “open format” and has no download restrictions.  The TV box is equipped with the Google Play store and comes pre-loaded with a bunch of amazing apps for all your streaming needs!

WE DON"T USE KODI!  Kodi has been known to be a bit confusing and filled with a ton of useless links that don't work making it very frustrating to use.  Our system is user friendly and just as easy to use as Netflix. 

It is ILLEGAL to download copyrighted material, however STREAMING content from online sources is perfectly legal and that's exactly what this device does.  DCN TV does not host or provide any of the content online for viewing and is not responsible for the misuse of this device.

The time is now, "skip the bill and ditch cable for good!"